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The digital distributor

Despite the increasing digitalization in the world and Africa in particular, there are still moments when old habits stick and progress is at a hold. This was the realization when Emmanuel Okoth started the company Paykonnect in Nairobi, Kenya. When realising this Emmanuel Okoth were eager to change this.

Paykonnect is a web-based tool, which handles registrations for digital distribution. The purpose is to make a stand against the traditional way of distributing e.g. airtime, and seize the opportunities of digitalization. Since founding the company in 2012, Paykonnect has become the preferred wholesale digital distributor in Kenya.

Already now, four years later, the digital distribution has reached all of Kenya and Paykonnect helps companies in all of Kenya reach customers easily, effectively and without the traditional distribution method – a scratch card. By specializing in distribution, Paykonnect is now the leading digital distributor in Kenya, and is expecting to continue the growth in the years to come.

Making the future more convenient and better

Emmanuel is certain of the digital progress in Africa, and is convinced that this development is here to stay:

“The scratch-card is becoming less significant and the digital solution in Africa is the way forward. This development is something, which benefits all. By digitalising the distribution, it will become easier for customers to buy their e.g. their airtime or power tokens and it will also be easier, cheaper and faster to reach a large customer base. There is of course also the environmental benefits of eliminating scratch-cards” Emmanuel says and adds, “There are currently millions of scratch cards being used each day, and we want to end that!”

To promote distribution Paykonnect have made strategic alliances with chains in the retail business to facilitate sales of airtime and power tokens. By having a strong representation all over Kenya, Paykonnect is making it easier for people to find the nearest dealer. A quick overview of the different retail stores are:

  • Total
  • Shell
  • Oillibya
  • Engen

On the corporate side of the business, the partners using Paykonnect as their distributor have also seen a decrease of administrative work, as distribution is done easily and transparent which lessens faults. Less faults is more money! Besides distributing airtime and power tokens, the platform has a nearly unlimited amount of possibilities when dealing with digital distribution.

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Why Choose Us?

Whether You are in retail, corporate or API partner, You will benefit from our services.

We are second to none

Try us – we have no binding period – only happy clients.

Our Services

Our services are found in a wide range of petrol stations, including Total, Shell, Olibya etc. We also have an app that allows your shop to trade right away. Your commission is 6% for Safaricom, Airtel and Yu 7% for Orange. The sign up is 100 % automated and can be done in 5 min. The service is prepaid by Mpesa or Airtelmoney and your commission is settled in realtime. If You sell 100 KES worth of Safaricom airtime, you balance is deducted only 94KES. Get started now no signature needed.

Save 6 % on your corporate airtime and 50% on the handling. Our platform keeps a record of your activity, and makes all of your employees top up in a second. This is why your company should sign up:

  • Save 6 %
  • Save time on handling
  • Transparent – no loss
  • Better cash flow

Get started now no signature needed.

Do you have an electronic service and want to put airtime on it? We give you a solution that enables You to sell Safaricom, Airtel, Orange and Yu.

Why partner with us?

  • 99,99 % uptime
  • Superior technology
  • Swift API integration
  • Inexpensive integration costs
  • Market leader in electronic airtime

Please contact GM Emmanuel Okoth here

We offer bulk sms across all networks. Sign up today on the Paykonnect Bulk sms platform and enjoy.

  • Sms with no expiry:
  • Paykonnect bulk sms do not expire. Purchase our sms in large volumes and worry not about expiry irrespective of how long the sms stay without being utilized.

  • Instant delivery of messages:
  • Our platform ensures no delays in sms delivery.

  • Personalised sms:
  • SMS can be delivered in the format and content required to all recipients.

  • Competitive pricing:
  • Our bulk sms prices are attractive and flexible based on volumes purchased . No sender ID cost for initial purchase of 300,000 sms. Our sms portal is also free.

  • Reports available on the platform:
  • Reports available for specified period of time on delivery status, mobile number and operator. Report files can be renamed for ease of tracking.

We offer IOT Sim Control solution system to easily monitor and manage company sim cards on a proven online platform. Paykonnect has built SimControl for your business needs. It is the easiest way to manage large numbers of business sim cards and is designed for reliable M2M,IOT and connected device deployments. It will enable you to manage your sim base under one single account.

How does it Work?:
  • -Stay in control of your spend by having all your sims under 1 single platform
  • -Use the sim control online platform to set up custom recharge rules.
  • -We monitor your sims and process automated recharges only when needed.
  • -Change rules and packages at any time as your business requires.
Sign up today on Paykonnect SimControl Online Platform and enjoy the following:
  • Cost Effectiveness:

    Our pay-per-use approach eliminates the risk of SIM abuse and reduces data connectivity costs.

  • Easy:

    SIM Control is prepaid for business. No contracts and no volume commitments means you only pay for what you need. Add or remove sims, change recharge packages with the click of a button via our easy online sim administration platform.

  • Quick:

    Try it today with your existing sim cards. We also supply sims in bulk and take care of the KYC registration and provision hussle.

  • Reliability:

    The platform is built on core mobile network APIs to ensure maximum reliability.Partner with us for your sim management and get access to fast turnaround on technical support queries.


  • Address: Woodvale Groove, Westlands, Krishna Centre, 7th Floor Office Suite No. 710,
    P.O. Box 51875-00100,
    Nairobi, Kenya
  • Email: info@paykonnect.co.ke
  • Phone:
    +254 706 357 493
    +254 718 048 765